About Us

Who we are.

At Worm Counts for Dogs we have over twelve years experience in natural pet health and now specialise in dog worm count kits. We test for a wide range of worms including tapeworm and roundworm, heart worm and lungworm, whipworm and hookworm. We also supply rapid Giardia screen test at home kits, especially useful for puppies who are prone to Giardia. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal and professional service for you and your dog.

Where your worm count kits are tested.

Your tests are processed by FECLAB. They are fully qualified Animal Medicines Training and Regulatory Authority (AMTRA) SQPs (Suitably Qualified Persons). FECLAB test each sample twice, to provide you with the most accurate results.

Our worm count kits.

All our test kits are eco friendly and compostable, come with clear, simple instructions to make them a doddle to collect a sample without getting your hands dirty!

We also write about worm counts, types of worms, natural worming and wormers.