Worm Egg Count Kits

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Worm Egg Count Testing Kit

    • Worms can make a dog sick if left untreated
    • They can be hazardous to human health too
    • Free delivery to you, free onward postage to the lab
    • Results emailed to you within 48 hours

Lungworm egg count testing kit

    • Lungworm is now common in the UK
    • Preventing lungworm is much easier than treating it
    • Early diagnosis is essential
    • Late diagnosis can be fatal

Lungworm and Worm Count Bundle Kit

    • Test your dog for lungworm and worm eggs
    • We email you the results, with advice on how to treat any worms present
    • Works with conventional and natural wormers
    • Free delivery, and the best price anywhere.

Giardia test kit for dogs and cats

(Not yet reviewed)
    • A simple test for Giardia
    • Test your dog or cat
    • Get the results in five minutes
    • Essential for pets with low immunity

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items