Pooled Puppy Litter Worm Count Kit

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Pooled Puppy Litter Worm Count Kit

    • Newborn puppies can inherit worms from their mum.
    • So it's important to check them for worms.
    • Pooled sample tests check puppies for worms from birth to 4 weeks of age.
    • Far more cost effective than individual tests for each puppy.



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Gaining samples from a litter of puppies can sometimes be tricky as mum tends to kindly clean it up for them! However, it is important when collecting a sample from a litter of pups, that you collect the sample from the areas that all of the puppies occupy.

Our Pooled Litter Puppy Kit is the same as our worm count kit however, a pooled sample is collected everyday for three days so that a broader picture is then available.

Puppies are more susceptible to worm burdens and this can often be transferred via the mum, therefore it is important to carry out a test more often in the early stages of their life, whether you chose to follow a natural worming programme or not.

From 4 weeks old, individual samples should be collected rather than a pooled test of the litter.

NOTE: If you have had a positive result for the bitch, you should seek advice for treatment of both the bitch and litter of puppies that she is nursing.

1. Collect a pooled sample from the areas that all puppies occupy.
2. Collect one pooled sample each day, for three days. (please store samples in the shade during this time)
3. On day three, place all three samples in the small degradable bag.
4. Complete the information leaflet (please print email address)
5. Place your degradable bag (containing samples) and your leaflet into the larger degradable bag & seal.
6. Place this inside the FREEPOST envelope and pop it in a normal letter box.

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