Which screen do I need?

To test for tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and whip worm chose our worm count kits. For lungworm and heart worm, the lungworm kits. If you want to test for both choose our combination kits - one of each kit - and save £5 on buying the two kits separately. We also stock Giardia tests and puppy pool sample test kits.

Order your kits here.

When will my order be dispatched?

Orders placed before 2pm will be dispatched that day (except for weekends and public holidays).

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes we do. All orders are sent out free of charge unless you choose our overnight service. We use Royal Mail for all deliveries.

Which sample of the day do I need to collect?

As much as it's possible collect your sample first thing.

Where do I store my lungworm samples?

Store the samples from days one and two somewhere cool at room temperature if possible, out of direct sunlight. Never put samples in the fridge, or freeze them.

If I'm testing for worms and lungworm when do I take the worm sample?

A lungworm test needs three samples, collected on three consecutive days and a worm count test needs one sample from one day. To keep the samples as fresh as possible take the worm sample on the third day when you collect the last lungworm sample.

How often should I test for worms and lungworm?

We suggest testing for worms four times a year and lungworm every 6-8 weeks

How accurate are the results?

No worm count, screen or test can be 100% accurate because of the stages of worm development which is why we recommend regular testing.

Tapeworms are what's known as intermittent shedders. If eggs or egg-carrying segments are present a worm count will detect them. If the sample was taken at a time when the tapeworm is not shedding, they will not be present in the sample. We recommend regularly treating your dog for tapeworm, using a veterinary prescription wormer, or an intestinal hygiene product. We recommend Verm-X.

It's essential to follow the instructions exactly when collecting samples to avoid compromising the test.

Where are the samples tested?

We use FECLAB to test your samples.

When will I get my results?

Within 24/48 hours of your test arriving at the lab. We email you the test results so please write your email address clearly on the instruction form included in your kit. If the results don't arrive in your inbox when expected please check your spam/junk folders too.  If they're not there, email us at info@wormcountsfordogs.co.uk and we will go find them for you.